Wednesday, 2 March 2016

God, Black magic and Superstition

Obviously being a citizen of India, superstitions are difficult to ignore. But up to what extent? A big, very big question. Surrounded by people who talks about God, spirits, black magic, is it really possible for someone to take it for granted. Even if a person doesn't believe in all this, he is forced to do so by our own people. Almost every second individual must be having a story related to spirits, God, Astrology, or black magic. If I say, I believe in God but spirits and black magic doesn't exist for me. Question Arise why? I haven't seen God nor the spirits. Then Why God yes and spirits a big No. Similarly, if I say being a Hindu I believe in astrology but not in black magic. Again a big why?
We believe in things as per our own convenience and as per the upbringing given to us. But no one never raises any objection that why yes for something and no for other.
Since last few months, I came across few people who talks a lot about black magic (jaadu tona). Instead of the fact, I that strongly believe my God, feeling little inclined towards the curiosity to know about the facts of black magic. Do they really exist? Is it possible for someone to hold the life of others using this art? If this is really such a strong way to accomplish a wish, what is the need of struggling hard? Can black magic and Strong faith in God go hand in hand? If yes, why God favors this insane art? If no, then how can a normal human shows the guts to go against God?
On one Hand we say India is the land of God and on other side we ourselves sows the seed of Superstition.
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