Thursday, 3 March 2016

Indian cow Milk

Since last one month, on one of my friend's suggestion, I started the intake of Indian Cow milk, easily available near my house. Initially, I blamed myself why the hell I changed from normal buffalo milk to this one as the taste was not up to my expectations and also due to low-fat content, I couldn't extract ghee from it. Still I continued considering it at least for a month. To my utter surprise, I realised that since last many days I was not feeling bloated and acidic. What could be the reason? The only change made in my diet was just the cow milk. Is it possible that a normal milk can bring change up to this level. I searched on the internet and spoke to few of the ayurvedic doctors. And the answer was, Yes. I have read many of the CDs of Shri Rajeev dixit ji and in one of those CDs, he mentioned the benefits of Indian (Desi) cow. As per him, Indian cows are most adaptable to the Indian climate and they can bear the chilled winters as well as the Hot summers. The medicinal properties available in cow milk cannot be found in any other animal. Due to endless number of medicinal properties, cow's milk can cure many diseases and keeps a person healthy as it is light in fat content and is also easy to digest.
I wrote an article couple of months back about the slaughtering of cows in India and is well aware of the benefits of cow and the products. But I didn't realize that it could help me to this extent.
Many may ask, So what if a normal milk treated your stomach. This is not about me but about the entire community, about the children. In my previous articles, I mentioned that majority of the health problems arise from the stomach which needs special attention. Here is my point, that if a normal habit of having cow milk can avoid so many health issues, then why the packet milk.
My article slaughtering of cow, raises a question to all countrymen "How to save our Indian cows from slaughtering". A simple answer, even if 25% of the Indian population starts the intake of cow milk, it will automatically save them.
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