Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Easy Going Life with LOVE

Love has unique definition for each individual. Some find it in motherly hood, some in friends and many in their soul mates. Being loved is an incredible gift of god. One has to very patient to attain this gift but once accomplished, it’s like the warm clutch of hand held together never to be apart. Being so precious, it’s even a liability to hold this depth of togetherness. Being loved works on the phenomena of give and take and lucky are those who have this aptitude of sustaining the relation to let it be everlasting.
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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

International Womens Day

We all celebrated international women's day yesterday. Facebook and Twitter filled with posts and comments appreciating and congratulating women in different aspects. Even I got appreciation from few of friends and business partners. It was surely a matter of pride that being a young girl of 28 I was admired by people aging above 40s or 50s.
One of my business partner aging around 45 admired the business vision I have as a young girl and his flattering words said that I am the source of inspiration for many other ladies. I replied with a mild smile and thought he is little bit flattery but respect womanhood which is a great quality in itself. Within half an hour, his wife visited my office place to which he reacted in a total insane manner. He was extremely annoyed simply because his wife traveled alone to the office without him which is not respectable for an Indian lady. I was simply watching the scene and did not try to interfere between the husband-wife matter.
But the incident raised a question that we Indians truly respect women's freedom or it is just a matter of show off on social media? We like and appreciate Lata mangeshkar, kalpana chalwa that they broke barriers of society and took a stand to build a great personality. But when it comes to our family, sister or wife, we want them to be restricted to the house or the man of her life. A wife should ask her husband for even the simplest moment of her life. A girl's fortune is to be decided by her father. Where the hell is so called freedom for women? Maybe, lost in the crowd of fake admirers.

Pride of the family chained inside the house with a lock of social barriers. And we are shouting loud in media, Happy international women's Day.

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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Indian cow Milk

Since last one month, on one of my friend's suggestion, I started the intake of Indian Cow milk, easily available near my house. Initially, I blamed myself why the hell I changed from normal buffalo milk to this one as the taste was not up to my expectations and also due to low-fat content, I couldn't extract ghee from it. Still I continued considering it at least for a month. To my utter surprise, I realised that since last many days I was not feeling bloated and acidic. What could be the reason? The only change made in my diet was just the cow milk. Is it possible that a normal milk can bring change up to this level. I searched on the internet and spoke to few of the ayurvedic doctors. And the answer was, Yes. I have read many of the CDs of Shri Rajeev dixit ji and in one of those CDs, he mentioned the benefits of Indian (Desi) cow. As per him, Indian cows are most adaptable to the Indian climate and they can bear the chilled winters as well as the Hot summers. The medicinal properties available in cow milk cannot be found in any other animal. Due to endless number of medicinal properties, cow's milk can cure many diseases and keeps a person healthy as it is light in fat content and is also easy to digest.
I wrote an article couple of months back about the slaughtering of cows in India and is well aware of the benefits of cow and the products. But I didn't realize that it could help me to this extent.
Many may ask, So what if a normal milk treated your stomach. This is not about me but about the entire community, about the children. In my previous articles, I mentioned that majority of the health problems arise from the stomach which needs special attention. Here is my point, that if a normal habit of having cow milk can avoid so many health issues, then why the packet milk.
My article slaughtering of cow, raises a question to all countrymen "How to save our Indian cows from slaughtering". A simple answer, even if 25% of the Indian population starts the intake of cow milk, it will automatically save them.
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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

God, Black magic and Superstition

Obviously being a citizen of India, superstitions are difficult to ignore. But up to what extent? A big, very big question. Surrounded by people who talks about God, spirits, black magic, is it really possible for someone to take it for granted. Even if a person doesn't believe in all this, he is forced to do so by our own people. Almost every second individual must be having a story related to spirits, God, Astrology, or black magic. If I say, I believe in God but spirits and black magic doesn't exist for me. Question Arise why? I haven't seen God nor the spirits. Then Why God yes and spirits a big No. Similarly, if I say being a Hindu I believe in astrology but not in black magic. Again a big why?
We believe in things as per our own convenience and as per the upbringing given to us. But no one never raises any objection that why yes for something and no for other.
Since last few months, I came across few people who talks a lot about black magic (jaadu tona). Instead of the fact, I that strongly believe my God, feeling little inclined towards the curiosity to know about the facts of black magic. Do they really exist? Is it possible for someone to hold the life of others using this art? If this is really such a strong way to accomplish a wish, what is the need of struggling hard? Can black magic and Strong faith in God go hand in hand? If yes, why God favors this insane art? If no, then how can a normal human shows the guts to go against God?
On one Hand we say India is the land of God and on other side we ourselves sows the seed of Superstition.
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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Baba Ramdev and patanjali

Baba Ramdev and his Patanjali Products are the most popular among the common man these days. Few of the question arise after trying the products and going little deep into his history. My predictions may be wrong but if I am right even up to 50%, does this mean that we Indians are total fools and trust any one blindfolded. I visited few of the organic stores in Delhi and NCR region as a fake customer. While shopping I tried to understand the mindset of people purchasing Patanjali products. To my utter surprise, most of the people buy Patanjali products saying "Ye Baba Ramdev ka hai to sahi hi hoga". Without any knowledge about the product and its quality, people are purchasing just because it is the product of Baba Ramdev. People residing in the middle of the city does not even know what Indian cow is but they find Patanjali Ghee total Pure. Just because Patanjali honey is cheaper by cost, people use this honey without even understanding what actually is the pure Honey. I felt really hopeless for my countrymen who always follow a blind path just because everyone else is following it.
What is the future of such a country where even the educated people behaves like "Padhe likhe gawar"
I used to admire Baba Ramdev and still loves him for his efforts taken to bring swadeshi in the limelight. And even he is appreciable in promoting Yoga worldwide. But Patanjali ...... seriously disappointed me. Read my article on Patanjali products http://hubpages.com/food/Baba-Ramdev-and-his-Patanjali-Products

Monday, 29 February 2016

Employee and the Employer

Every 2nd person is a part of corporate culture either as an employee and as an employer. Both has some expectations from each other and when they remained unfulfilled, criticism arises. Very truly said never love your organization, better to love your profile because in some or the other way management fails to satisfy the employees in all sorts. Similarly, an organisation always has some or other complaints from their staff and come up with ifs and buts at the time of appraisals.
Here is an article to understand the expectations of both employer and employee from each other.

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Struggle and Compromise

Not a single day is left aloof of the two words i.e struggle and compromise. Rather it would be correct to say that these words are a part of our family in some or the other way. From the day start till the dinner time, we have struggled in some or the other way and have compromised with our likings and wishes. Today it may be for the family and friends; tomorrow it would be for the company officials. Sometimes it is due to lack of time and other times we do not have the suitable environment. Whatever may be the reason, trash folder is always ready to store our pending desires. Many of you will agree that we human feel proud in sacrificing and compromising for others. But at what cost should be question? Is it really worth compromising instead of having an alternate solution just to show your Significance? “I have done this for you” are the words that can be used as a tool to show your superiority in later phases.