Wednesday, 9 March 2016

International Womens Day

We all celebrated international women's day yesterday. Facebook and Twitter filled with posts and comments appreciating and congratulating women in different aspects. Even I got appreciation from few of friends and business partners. It was surely a matter of pride that being a young girl of 28 I was admired by people aging above 40s or 50s.
One of my business partner aging around 45 admired the business vision I have as a young girl and his flattering words said that I am the source of inspiration for many other ladies. I replied with a mild smile and thought he is little bit flattery but respect womanhood which is a great quality in itself. Within half an hour, his wife visited my office place to which he reacted in a total insane manner. He was extremely annoyed simply because his wife traveled alone to the office without him which is not respectable for an Indian lady. I was simply watching the scene and did not try to interfere between the husband-wife matter.
But the incident raised a question that we Indians truly respect women's freedom or it is just a matter of show off on social media? We like and appreciate Lata mangeshkar, kalpana chalwa that they broke barriers of society and took a stand to build a great personality. But when it comes to our family, sister or wife, we want them to be restricted to the house or the man of her life. A wife should ask her husband for even the simplest moment of her life. A girl's fortune is to be decided by her father. Where the hell is so called freedom for women? Maybe, lost in the crowd of fake admirers.

Pride of the family chained inside the house with a lock of social barriers. And we are shouting loud in media, Happy international women's Day.


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