Sunday, 28 February 2016

Struggle and Compromise
Not a single day is left aloof of the two words i.e struggle and compromise. Rather it would be correct to say that these words are a part of our family in some or the other way. From the day start till the dinner time, we have struggled in some or the other way and have compromised with our likings and wishes. Today it may be for the family and friends; tomorrow it would be for the company officials. Sometimes it is due to lack of time and other times we do not have the suitable environment. Whatever may be the reason, trash folder is always ready to store our pending desires. Many of you will agree that we human feel proud in sacrificing and compromising for others. But at what cost should be question? Is it really worth compromising instead of having an alternate solution just to show your Significance? “I have done this for you” are the words that can be used as a tool to show your superiority in later phases.
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