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Health and fitness tips
A healthy body is the key to a happier life away from all kind of diseases where you can enjoy your days to the fullest. It is a fact that 90% of our fun has been stolen by the fear of diseases that we are prone to due to unhealthy habits. Hence it becomes quite essential to deeply analyze our structure and work accordingly to make it healthier and stronger. No one can deny the fact that whole day we work hard just to feed ourselves and our family members but the hectic schedule in this race has taken us to an unhealthy lifestyle. But wait for second and evaluate, whether this hard work is really worth, wherein you can’t even think about yourself. Leaving the routine job is not the answer but the time has come to schedule equal time for yourself and your family. Add value to your health but not by heavy gym exercises and pushups, rather by changing few of the daily habits.

Firm Determination

1. First and the foremost thing required before accepting a challenge is firm determination. There are thousands of net surfers searching for the tips of healthy body. No website or suggestions will be able to do miracles until you yourself is not determined. Before making any health chart or daily routine, swear yourself that you will abide by your determination and will not lose patience at any cost. 90% of the people fails in the task because of lack of determination. Abiding by the rules and strictly following them will lead you to the success

Analysis of daily routine

2. Next step is to analyze oneself and make out the list of all unhealthy habits. Recall your memory and think of every bit of your schedule that has added calories to your body. It may be consumption of starch or sugar coated food which you may have consumed unintentionally. Also it could be decline in physical work out like walking or use of staircase. It’s the time to work on these activities and see a drastic change. There are times when we ignore physical work and depend on technology or machinery to complete the work immediately. This is to be avoided and try to complete our daily routine task using our muscular energy. This will complete the work with perfection and will also help in losing some pounds of calories.

Start from minor habits

3. Give a start by changing smallest habit of yours that may be the major cause of fat accumulation. Get away from the habit of munching throughout the day or after small intervals. If you really feel craving than go for something healthy like fruits and Juices. It’s time to check the richness of your food intake and alter each and every food item with protein rich diet. Very important here is to safeguard yourself from distraction by removing all the groceries from the kitchen that include fat, starch or sugar. If not possible to remove all, keep them in limited quantity that can be used by other family members or guests. Meal times should be fixed and regularly followed.

Control on distractions

4. Have you ever noticed why you get distracted instead of firm determination? Human psychology says that any normal human being feel tempted while watching others consuming anything delicious. Hence the important point to learn here is to avoid the company of your friends and family members specially when they are having their meal or going out for lunch or dinner. Apart from this change your route to college or office if you come across any street food trolleys or food courts. They are the major source of distractions and it would be better to ignore them completely.

Physical work out

5. Let’s move on to the physical workout that we do throughout the day. Every individual is doing some kind of exercise all through his day. It may be knowingly or unknowingly depending upon the task involve. Unfortunately its proportion to our consumption is decreasing day by day as we all have been aided with technology and friendly equipment. Our minor effort can bring a drastic change to this practice. How it would be if you walk to your nearby shopping complex instead of using the car or use stair cases instead of escalators? I understand most of us are in hurry all the time but relax and think about your health too. For ladies it could be a part of their household work and for gents it could be outdoor activities of market or service center. It’s just the matter of noticing the activity you do or can do for which you are taking assistance from either the servants or the equipment. Never let yourself fully dependent on the technology. Allow your body to work out for your own betterment

Moving on to strict dieting charts

6. Once you are habitual of these little practices in your daily routine, you can move on to the next step where you actually need to work hard and think in the straight direction of losing weight. This is to note down that daily routine habits can maintain your body weight to a stable position but will not reduce it. Once you are in a stable position, get on to the next step and take out time for actually losing the weight. Let us begin with eating habits which is the main source of energy as well as thick layer of fat beneath the skin. It is quite necessary to maintain a balance between starving and over eating. Someone has rightly said in this regard “ A person should have his breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar”. Apply this to your routine strictly, firmly and obediently. One can himself prepare a diet chart according to his routine and needs by following the rules of losing weight. You have to cut down fat, starch and excess carbohydrates from your meals and add proteins and fibers.

Follow the routine

7. Preparing a diet chart and strictly following it is the most important task required in weight loses. Add all protein rich items in your diet and remove even a single item that is full of sugar or fat. Instead of taking a huge leap in two protein rich meals, it is advisable to eat less but in frequent time. One should never starve for too long else it may effect in reverse. Water is the best natural resource available on earth with infinite number of benefits. Luke warm water is medicine for anyone looking for health and fitness. Just go for it and see the difference.

Exercise with fun

8. How is the idea of Work out with fun and entertainment? Swimming, cycling and badminton are few of the activities that can be added in the schedule as these are some of the activities that involve movement of each and every body part. Also person doesn’t feel bored and inactive.

Hard Work

8. No one in this world can lose weight simply by quitting the food. Physical work out is equally important. One should remember and try to calculate that amount of calorie intake should be less than the output. To maintain this balance, exercise becomes a necessity. Take out sometime early morning or evening before dinner for the cardio exercise. Walking, running and cycling are the best that cannot be competed with any other exercise especially when it comes to weight loss. Remember to give a break of at least an hour between your workout and meal time. Workout done in company of a friend comes out with better result because it creates a sense of competition and motivation.


9. Last but not the least, adding yoga to your schedule will be a boon to your workout. Whole world is aware of its magic and no one can deny its positive effects on human body. Just 10 minute of your schedule can bring a drastic change. It’s a slow but effective medicine and will assist you in long go.
Start from today because tomorrow never comes. Again I would say that no advice is going to work until you yourself is not determined.

Few Additional Tips

1. We all know drinking water is very essential for the weight loss. But note the following points too .
a. One should drink at least 2-3 glass of normal water empty stomach early morning.
b. Drinking water should never be too cold or too hot. Room temperature water is the best.
c. One should avoid water from half an hour before taking the meal till 1 hour after the meal.
d. One should always drink at least 2 glass of water before going to bed.
2. Green tea is very beneficial in weight loss. Having green tea half an hour after the meal is a boon for the people looking for weight loss.
3. Heavy work is good for only those people looking for muscular built up. For simply weight loss, one should focus on cardio exercises.
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