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Writing skills required for an efficient writer
Human can also be compared to a machine filled with emotions and feelings. Each person whether male or female has the desire to express his or her views in front of the entire society. This vision and the desire to express oneself fabricate different talents like poetry, writing, painting and many more. Writing is one of the talent through which one can convey himself apparently. It is a pure, lovable, and intellectual art and one can’t resist himself after getting involved in it. It portrays an artist's thought on paper in the form of words and helps him in sharing his ideas clearly and noticeably.
It allows a person to engrave the thoughts on a piece of paper so that to capture the moments and imaginations. Writer doesn’t mean a Shakespeare kind of personality; rather any one can be a writer who loves to enter his or her thoughts on paper. It is a passion done to soothe heart feelings and to feel light. None of the artist is fond of being rich or becoming a celebrity and his art work is mainly the flow of emotions running within his heart.
Let us have a look what qualities a writer should have and how one can express himself clearly and strongly.

Work on actual thoughts and avoid fake statement

Writing is an art and a good writer shows loyalty to his work. Loyalty indicates devotion to express the actual thoughts, what the person feels and his views over a particular topic. Ideas and thoughts should emerge directly from the heart; fake statements if kept aloof will prove to be vital for the success of the article or topic. This will help in maintaining originality of the article and readers will trust the writer more. Also originality in a topic brings uniqueness to the matter that in turns create interest in a readers mind. Coming up with new ideas and originality is the essence required for the success. Being an artist, writer should be impartial in all respects and should go on for writing with the flow of emotions and his own intellectuality. One should analyze the situation, person or topic and write his own experience instead of believing the thoughts of other person. Writer is a free bird who can move to any direction without getting troubled about the direction of rest of the world. Dream your own, think your own and write your own.

Use of intellectuality and avoid writing just for the sake of writing.

Apart from the original thoughts, intellectuality is the pillar that helps in reaching right objective. A genuine topic, adequate information and the right way of putting it into sequence is the key to write a precise article. In article writing, 90% it is the game of brain that portrays the thoughts into a meaningful plot of words. Rest is the hard work that decides the fate of the writer. Hence one should collect sufficient stuff, gather knowledge and research properly so that to put it into the style of expression. Writer should not forget that there are endless numbers of articles available on internet. Hence to make presence and be in highlighted list, article should have complete and unique information related to the topic. Reader should not feel the article just like any other topic and should be satisfied with the pile of information provided. Writing is an art that flows from heart on its own. Hence forced writing should always be avoided as it will never be able to give its 100%. Never write just for the sake of writing or you have been forced by some outer conditions. Use your freedom to the fullest; add your intellectuality along with toppings of your experience. Then only one can achieve satisfaction with its own work. Obviously artist’s own satisfaction is the foremost priority.

Understand the reader and social limitations

A smart and intelligent writer understands his reader and moves in a direction to achieve reader's satisfaction level also along with his own. Before initiating, one should keep in mind that being a writer means a social asset as the whole society is going to read the articles and follow the guides. Hence it’s the duty to come up to the expectation of the reader keeping in mind the social limitations. Realize what people expect from a writer and what they actually want. This will help in casting and shaping the articles. A writer is an artist whose main motive is to spread knowledge and positive imagination. One should keep his ethics in mind and work in the field of rightness and truthiness. It’s true that writer should have his own freedom but this is also true that the articles/writings will be read by the whole world. Any writing meant for the purpose of publishing should not spread the message of negative approach. Write your own views and experience enabling it to be read by the entire world so that it spreads the message of positivity and allow the people to gain knowledge and enjoy the art.

Control of thoughts and use them in a positive direction

The fact can’t be denied that a writer enjoys freedom of thoughts and being a human being one cannot shut the doors for pessimistic thoughts. Here is the time when one can prove himself as an artist. Hence it's a necessity to be strong and choosy in terms of opting the topics and its stuff. Writer’s opted plot will force the reader to review positively on any topic. If a good salesman can sell a comb to bald person then a good writer can make a scientist read astrology. It means the words of a writer speak on behalf of the society and it depend what a writer want the people to favor. It is factual that an artist is full of imaginations that may be positive or negative but he should understand the difference in both. Article writing for publishing should be full of positive thoughts only and personalized negative writing should be kept limited with oneself. Published articles should be reviewed keeping in mind the mindset of the readers. Personalized articles can be kept limited if they tend to hurt the feelings of any particular category of people or if they have some negative thoughts.

Punctuality, dedication and hard work

Just like any other struggle writing career also has its own demands. It asks for very basic qualities taught to each and every student- Punctuality, dedication and hard work. Devote fix time on regular basis specifically for writing and show dedication by following it and putting 100% in those hours. Dedication also includes desire to maintain good communication skills, enriching vocabulary and practice of learning from all sources. Writer is a learner too who keeps on learning new things all through his life which in turn shows in his writings. One can never influence a person to read his articles unless they are full of information which in turn is possible only if the writer himself is knowledgeable. It is rightly said that to become a good writer, one should first try to become a good reader. It helps in enriching the vocabulary, gaining knowledge and also to understand the feedback of other writers. Any task or struggle demands these three qualities without which one cannot expect to be successful. But for an artist additional quality required is “concentration”. If a writer is flooded with anxiety or negativity, he won’t be able to focus on his work. Try to meditate and concentrate on your work and this should be a regular practice to gain perfection.

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