Friday, 29 January 2016

Tarot Reading

Mankind always remained curious to know about himself, his past and the future. And curiosity is the main reason behind any evolution. Astrology, numerology and Tarot card reading are all result of the same. One of the oldest sources of prediction is tarot card reading made up of 78 cards of artistic images, each having a different meaning.
78 cards consist basically of two groups of cards categorized into major Arcana and Minor Arcana (Arcana means secret or hidden). The major arcana cards of 22 in number deals with images that represent the broader , universal and spiritual issues and experiences of life. Cards such as; Devil, the Tower and the Death, falls in major Arcana category. On the other side Minor cards of 56 in number deals specifically with everyday life. They are further divided into four suits –cups, wands, swords and pentacles. Each of the suits has their own arching association, each having their own meaning.
While reading, cards are spread on the deck and the questioner is asked to pick or touch the chosen card while chanting the question they have in mind or simply remembering it. Tarot reader reads the card for him revealing the truths of life and guiding the person to a correct way. Methods used for reading the cards vary from reader to reader.
Tarot reading for many is the game for specific people who are efficient and professional in this task. But this is to understand that Tarot reading is not the private property and is open to all. It’s just the matter of understanding, using your intuition and applying it in regular activities. For the newbies, it is difficult to memorize the meaning of each card. Hence it is absolutely ok to use books and internet for the initial days. For sure it is important to learn the meanings in later phases. However, these meaning are only a single step in long way of reading tarot cards. In true sense, it is to delve into your intuition to find answers and convert them into resolution. Using intuition to find answers is not every one’s cup of tea and is also not possible for them. This is god gift skill that can be utilized by only few or can be developed over a period of time with regular practice.
Is Tarot reading possible without intuition? Yes it is, however, one can only find general meanings but to convert them to true benefits, one needs strong insight.
Developing intuition power is time taking process and one need regular exercise to translate the pictures into useful meaning. As you keep on using the cards on regular basis, you will realize that the cards actually say much more than the picture and both of you share a strong bond of mutual understanding.
Using the tarot cards in a proper manner can open the wide truths of life in understandable position. Every tarot card reading is based on the question that open all resolutions related to past, present or future and will throw light on mystery or the question. Whether a person believes in spiritual things or not, art of resolving difficult patches of life through tarot reading can help in understanding the deep thoughts of life and evolving a new self.
Tarot card reading is much ancient than religion and much older than most languages. Still they exist till day in the same manner as earlier. It is big question to those who doesn’t believe in such methods of evolving the spiritual truth that if this didn’t help people, why it is still in use with such popularity.

Present Day Tarot

In today’s world fully equipped with technology and modern lifestyle, many feels to mock at people who entrust blindly on the deck of cards for their precious life. If we are modern and clear headed people, how can we believe on randomly shuffled cards for the crucial questions of life?
The answer of every problem lies within ourselves, but we are so busy in our day today life that we are left far behind in the art of meditation and analyzing ourselves. Tarot reading has inseparable influence in theology and connects ourselves with the spirit to find the answers. We link the questions and images of the card to find answers using our intuition.
Tarot card industry has grown too huge in last few years into multimillion dollar enterprises for many psychic companies. People are getting hungry day by day for the truth related to their life and problem they are facing. Even on internet and you tube, one find endless number of websites and videos either reading the cards for the viewers or teaching newbies the art of reading tarot cards. This does not need any obvious skill and is just a matter of daily practice. So many numbers of websites and videos online explains the popularity of this art even in today’s world of technology.

Tarot in Everyday life

Learning Tarot for oneself is an important part and can also become valuable for personal growth. It can be used as a spiritual tool for learning the cycles of life and can also assist in bearing the physical and mental phases of life. Analyzing the cards for oneself is very efficient way of learning and attaining perfection in this art. You have to learn how each image manifest themselves in your own personal life. If you consistently practice this habit of reading the cards for yourself, you will start sharing a bond with each image. Not only you will start understanding the meaning of cards but will also gain a great insight within yourself. There are number of ways you can use to read for yourself. Like you can predict, “what kind of day will I have”. This will show you how each card manifests them daily. As the time passes, notice how each card plays with you. Make it a habit in daily routine to think of a card and how it manifested. Make notes of the observations and how it related to typical situations. Over a period of time you will start developing an intuition power and will be able to get answers of your daily life questions. It is fun to use Tarot reading in daily routine.
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