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Indian Cow and their slaughtering

Indian Cow - Topic of discussion

Indian cow is a topic of discussion in media and social networking sites across the country. Some favor slaughtering of cows and others are totally against it. For Hindus cow is a holy animal and slaughtering is against culture. Whereas for others cow is just like any other animal and beef is openly eaten and sold. Different people have different opinion according to their culture and upbringing. Blaming a single community is against nature’s law. As we Hindu’s have been taught to worship cow, other community’s have been taught to consume meat without any hesitation. Let us discuss all points of discussion one by one and try to understand up to what extent slaughtering of cows is right.

What does cow means to Hindus?

Cow has a great importance in Hinduism but it does not mean that we worship cow like any other deity. We consider all living creatures like mammals and birds etc as very sacred and avoid hurting any of the living being. Cow is one of them and attracts even more affection because of lord Krishna who is renowned as Gopala or Govinda (Protector of Cow). Lord Krishna is highly worshiped among Hindus and is popular among non hindus as well across the world. Lord Kirshna was very fond of cows and used to play flute to please them. According to him cow is just like our mother who takes care of the human being with whatever she has without demanding anything in return. This is true up to a great extent as each product of cow is highly useful and beneficial for all categories of human being. Since Morning we start consuming products extracted from cow and end up our day using them. Cow is a very generous and undemanding mammal, who intakes nothing other than grass and water. She is very tolerant by nature teaching us the lesson of ahimsa (non violence). She also symbolizes Strength, maternity and selfless service. Understanding the selfless behavior of this beloved animal that is very dear to Lord Krishna, it is very difficult for Hindu community to tolerate the slaughtering of cows in their own country of Lord Krishna.

Cow Products and their Uses

Cow Milk – It is rich in carbohydrates, protein, minerals, Vitamin D and calcium and is very much essential for growth and development of infants. Cow milk enhances immune system and helps in fighting with all kind of diseases. It is a boon for pregnant ladies and increases breast milk for feeding. Vitamin B12 present in it is functional in production of energy and red blood cells. Specialty of cow milk is because of presence of amino acids which makes its protein easily digestible. Other products made of Milk are curd, cheese and Ghee.
Cow Ghee – It helps in the growth and development of children’s brain and helps in stimulating digestion. Regular consumption of Indian Cow Ghee increases good cholesterol (HDL) and controls the bad cholesterol (LDL). It is also an excellent anti aging vegetarian food and can also be applied externally on dry skin.
Additional benefit of cow ghee which is very rarely known is its use for headache, cold, and ear problems. Cow ghee is very much beneficial for people facing brain or head related issues like migraine, Epilepsy, cold, Running nose, Snoring etc. Just two drops of cow ghee in nasal passage while sleeping aids relief in all these problems.
Cow Dung – Fertilizers produced from cow dung and urine is very effective and helps in increasing agricultural productivity. They have all the essential minerals required for the soil to produce better crop. Organic crops available across the world are organic because of fertilizers made of cow dung. Cow Dung is collected to produce biogas which is rich in methane. This can meet the requirement of fuel and electricity in near future.
Cow dung cakes when burnt with ghee produces oxygen and thus helps in cleansing the environment. Smoke generated removes all kind of insects, flies and mosquitoes. Therefore it is a natural source that can be used to get rid of these insects.
Cow Urine – Cow urine has anti germ properties and thus helps in fighting many diseases internally as well as externally. That’s why regular intake of cow urine enhances the immunity and strengthens the metabolic system. Additionally it is very effective for liver and stomach related problems. People suffering from acidity or constipation can be cured very easily by this. People even take bath by adding some quantity in water to purify them and removing negative elements from the air.
There are endless Ayurvedic companies in India that supply products made from cow dung and urine including soaps, face pack, hair wash and Gomutra ark. They are a very effective and natural product that does not contain any chemicals. People are slowly and steadily understanding their importance and moving towards the natural remedies.

Why Cows slaughtering should be opposed

  1. India is a country of Hindu Majority population and as Cow is a dear and sacred animal, their slaughtering is unacceptable. Hindus worship Lord Krishna who has a great affection for cows. Hence slaughtering of an animal dearest to our Lord is unethical as well as inhuman.
  2. Each and every product of cow is rich with multiple nutrients enriching all categories of human society including infants, pregnant ladies, youth and old age people. Dairy products are distributed and used across the world without the discrimination of caste and religion.
  3. Slaughtering of cows has reduced the supply of dairy products ultimately making them expensive. Hence day by day it is going beyond the range of poor people making them even more malnourished.
  4. If we compare India with other countries especially muslim countries, this is very important to note that Pork is banned in all Islamic countries. In the same manner India or Hindustan is country with majority of Hindus, then why beef cannot be banned here.
  5. Cow waste like dung and urine is highly useful and if properly utilized can remove the entire problem of fuel and electricity from the country. Not only this, fertilizers made from cow waste produce organic crop helping us to eradicate chemicals. Therefore a living cow is much more beneficial till her lifetime than a dead cow’s meat or leather.

Why cow slaughtering should not be opposed

  1. India is a secular state where all communities live together without showing intolerance to each other’s religion. Belief of Hindu’s cannot be imposed on other caste people forcibly. In a democratic country, views of a majority community cannot be compelled on others.
  2. In India we enjoy the freedom to express our views and prevent our culture the way we want. Hence eating any product, vegetarian or non vegetarian, should be an individual’s choice. If Hindus doesn’t like it, they should stay away from it.
  3. Slaughtering of animals is very common and a part of culture for Muslim community. In India Muslim build the second largest population. Hence their interest cannot be overlooked.
  4. As per Gandhi Ji “ India belongs to all who live here. In India, no law can be made to ban cow slaughter. I do not doubt that Hindus are forbidden the slaughter of cows. I have been long pledged to serve the cow. But how can my religion also be the religion of the rest of the Indians? It will mean coercion against those Indians who are not Hindus.”
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