Friday, 29 January 2016

Struggle and Compromises in daily life
Not a single day is left aloof of the two words i.e struggle and compromise. Rather it would be correct to say that these words are a part of our family in some or the other way. From the day start till the dinner time, we have struggled in some or the other way and have compromised with our likings and wishes. Today it may be for the family and friends; tomorrow it would be for the company officials. Sometimes it is due to lack of time and other times we do not have the suitable environment. Whatever may be the reason, trash folder is always ready to store our pending desires. Many of you will agree that we human feel proud in sacrificing and compromising for others. But at what cost should be question? Is it really worth compromising instead of having an alternate solution just to show your Significance? “I have done this for you” are the words that can be used as a tool to show your superiority in later phases.

Generation Gap

Bragger for supremacy is not the only reason behind compromise. Factual situations also exist wherein one feels better to compromise rather to offend their near ones. Love affairs are one of the situations which are very much prominent now days in India. The one and the only reason behind these compromises are the generation gaps. Due to rapid urbanization, youth has come a far long way to westernization whereas the ancestors are still stuck to their ritual thoughts. Likewise parents are compelled to compromise their wishes of luxury life for the betterment of their kids. Children are considered as their actual wealth for whom they goes up to any extent of struggle and compromise. Here the question arises - what the actual time is when I am supposed to live for my wishes? Children compromise for their siblings, mother and father for their kids, youth for older parents and so on. Compromises doesn't end till the life ends.

Lack of Struggle

Height of Struggle and compromise doesn’t end here. 90% of the compromises are done just to avoid the struggle approaching our way to success. And we have the full equipped reason to justify our failure. Due to this or that I could not accomplish my goal. Ask yourself- Is it really impossible to find a resolution to any problem? Have you ever seen a room without the exit door? Struggle is another name of life and it reaches to success through hard work and mind games only. Compromise can never be an answer to convince your failure. It’s easy to say “I could not do that because of lack of time or money”. But the alternate solution originated is the actual answer to success. One should not be against compromises but comprising instead of having an alternate option is foolishness. Compromise should never be the reason of your failure.
Lack of time, Money, Family or friends are the reasons given by us for compromises during our lifetime. But the successful person finds his way to achieve the Goal leaving behind all ifs and buts. If you actually have a dream, path will never be a carpet of roses. You have to raise your hand to pick the sweetest of the fruit.
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