Friday, 29 January 2016

Special bond relation

What just happened, i couldn't believe to myself. I am in a shock zone rethinking again and again of what i did few minutes back. I am a married girl living peacefully with my husband. Such an affection and that's too for a lady doesn't go with my image. I travel by metro to and fro from my office to home and vice versa, daily exactly the same. Mine is the ladies coach and most of the regular travelers are a part of my daily journey. We may not share any verbal communication but known gestures are quite common among most of us through eye contact or smile expressions. Among them is a very pretty, simple and descent girl. May be coincidentally, but we comfort ourselves to the seats facing across each other. Easy to point out that she is also married and reserved kind of girl. Still she manages to make eye contact with me but without any gestures. I frankly do not understand my soft corner for her but i agree, yes, i do feel something for her. What is that i am unable to explain but i have a strong urge to speak to her and explore her deep inside the heart. I am sure she peeks at me when i am focused on some other thoughts or some people inside the metro. I clearly can make out that she also notice me daily and quite interested in talking to me. We share a special bond where we doesn't speak but are very much concerned and affectionate about each other.
It now has become a routine and i search for her whenever i board the train. And my heart sank down if i couldn't make out her presence. Today it happened that i was about to board the train and was anxiously waiting for her at the platform. Five minutes over and she is still missing. What could be the reason- overtime in office or she left early? Train arrived on the platform and i am still waiting thinking whether to board or not. What an amazing and shocking behavior, i left my metro just for a simple girl. Whom i do not know, doesn't have any relation and even this is not a kind of love feeling that a normal girl feels for a boy. Then why and for what i am so anxious that i can even bear to leave my train when i know that its very urgent to reach my home as early as possible.

Lets hope for the best and God know what relation we share. Whether we will build any relation in future or this is the end where we keep on staring at each other.

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