Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Baba Ramdev and his Patanjali Products


Baba Ramdev If I talk about is quite inspiring in terms of his efforts taken for promoting Yoga not only through the entire country but also across the world. Until then he was a Saint who used to lecture on social well being and a healthy lifestyle. Later he indulged himself in production of various grocery and medicine products also. This is sure that he got knowledge about various medicines and other products through the books and research of Shri Rajeev Dixit ji. He is quite remarkable and appreciable in promoting swadeshi products which he produces in-house whatever may be passage of knowledge. At least he took steps and followed the path of Shree Rajeev Dixit ji. But the conflict arises when a Saint is more interested in enhancing the Turnover of his company instead of serving the Humanity. Initially when Baba Ramdev came up with Brand name Patanjali saying that he wants to promote swadeshi products he said that he will never indulge himself in turn over and will not spend anything in marketing and promotional activities. And now every third Advertisement on Television is of Patanjali Products. Almost every 3rd day one can find news related to Patanjali Turnover. My question is why a Saint is that much interested in making money and Turnovers. If he is a Saint, he should be more focused in enlightening the people with his knowledge and serving the Humanity. I am not at all against rising company Patanjali rather feels happy that there is an Indian company to compete with foreign companies. But what about the manipulations created by a Saints. Swadeshi products could also have been promoted by promoting the already existing Indian companies.  Even then also manipulations don’t end here and are easily visible in each of his product

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