Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Friendship and its true Meaning

Friendship – Does friendship still has some meaning to human life in 21stcentury or we only take it as a means of company to dawdle around. Bitter truth is that we are losing this treasure gift of God and selfishness is the only emotion that exists. Rat race for money and fame has made us hollow in terms of sentiments and friendships are done today just to match up our standard of living. I think, there is a need to analyze ourselves and search inside our soul the path we are choosing. Do you actually need relation built on the pillars of money and fake show off or actually need someone close to your heart. A true friend is a treasure that cannot be purchased even with worldly wealth and need only a true heartily feeling to win this. Take out some spare time and ask the following questions to yourself. May be you realize your actual way towards your relation.

Do not let it be your status symbol

1. Ask yourself the reason of being close to your current friend. Is it really your love and affection for him or simply you consider him a perfect match for your standard of living. Don’t let your friendship be a status symbol and opt for a relation beyond the factors of prosperity, caste and physical appearance. Relations built on these factors can never be long lasting and will always create a negative environment around you. Friendship is the only relation that a person can opt on his own. Make full use of this freedom and chose your friends beyond the discrimination level and status symbol.

Analyze your relation in hard situations

2. Next question arises that how much importance you give to this relation of friendship. This is the only relation, a human can chose as per his own choice and wishes without any restrictions. Then why not to take advantage of this freedom and chose the best for our self who can match up your emotions leaving behind all distinctions of caste, creed and financial status. Appreciate the importance of this treasure gift of God wherein he has given you the complete liberty to build and manage your relations on your own. Its truly said that relations are truly judged in hard times but it should be vice versa. If you expect your friend to stand by your side at all times, then you have to give the same first, before expecting. Friendship is not only to celebrate good times, it is also to share sad moments.

Enjoy Friendship

3. I don’t think so that there exist even a single relation wherein you are not supposed to fulfill your duties and responsibilities. Now ask, which of the relation is meant for you where you can be yourself and does not require pretending anything fake. The answer would be, friendship, where you can say, "yes I can live for myself and I am not required to wear faces". This is place where you would be accepted with all your shortcomings and blunders. friendship is not between two faces but it is between two hearts or souls. Enjoying every moment of togetherness and living life to the fullest is the another name we can say for friendship.

Understand your partner

4. Social Life exists on the rule of give and take. If we talk about Friendship, it is the relation dipped in sweetness of trust, affection and sacrifice. Selfishness and conspiracies are left far behind and even their fragrance could not touch you. The relation makes you realize your importance and the love scattered for you all around. But Vice versa it is your responsibility to be caring and affectionate towards your partner and make him realize his importance in your life. This will strengthen his confidence for you and feelings will emerge directly from the heart.

Ego or Friendship

5. There is a huge difference in making a relation and managing it for long lasting period as most of the relations are the victim of Ego and self-esteem. Consider it your responsibility to safeguard your relationship from all weapons of attitude and Egotism. There will be situations wherein your ego comes your way of relationship but you have to be strong enough and decide the important part of your life i.e. Ego or friendship.
Every relation is made with some rules and regulation and so is friendship. Follow the rules and experience the change.
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