Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Break Up - Get back to Normal

Break up - Get back to normal

It becomes 10 times difficult to survive after the break up with the most important person of your life. The love of your life, who once was the reason of your bright sunny days, has now left you alone with dark sleepless nights. Even when he is not around, you can feel his presence in every breath and his fragrance all around the air. It was never so difficult to pass the time and every second has become an hours waiting. You need urgently someone to facilitate you to come out of this worst situation and make you take a move ahead in life which is possible only if all the memories are vanished leaving behind not even a single trace. Crying loud and letting the whole world hear your pain is not going to offer you any help rather will deteriorate the situation. Neither fighting with the almighty, who is your biggest enemy at this point, is going to offer you some relief. You are filled with endless number of questions seeking answers from your destiny. Why it happened only with you? Why I met him if he was not my soul mate? Why God targeted me for this cruelty? Whole of the atmosphere is filled with unanswered questions and your eyes filled with tears gazing the bright full moon searching for his face.

Know Your Disease

A common and difficult phase of life once has been a part each and every human being and it is understood that do not have any control on our emotions. Our behavior is the effect of internal and external activities that touch our mind, soul and heart. Brain actually is the executor of our actions and heart controls our emotions and most of the time our heart overrules our brain that doesn’t allow us to take sensible decisions.
This explanation is required because one should know the disease first and then proceed to its cure. And emotional distraction after a break up is nothing less than a disease. To overcome your weak points, first and the foremost thing required is firm determination and practical approach. There are phases when we are required to think practically instead of being emotional to combat our difficulties.
Fighting against a problem is only possible when you actually know the problem. Understand your weakness and figure out the ways to overcome those weaknesses. Human being are very flexible and adopting animals. We learn very quickly to adjust in all phases of life and figure out to tackle even the hardest condition. Break up isn't a problem, it is just a change in relationship which can also be taken in a positive manner.

Fight for your own life

Coming back to the topic, you are in a terrific condition wanting to get out of the situation as soon as possible. First of all prepare yourself to fight against this situation and accept the fact that you have been separated and you will not go back to the past. Time has come you should learn and try to take sensible decisions using your brain. Once your brain overlaps your emotional heart, pain will start diminishing. Your first step in this task should be engaging yourself with different activities. Since your birth, you must be having some hobbies and likings which were ignored because of your professional life or some personal relations. Engage yourself so much with work and other activities that heart doesn’t get a chance to rethink about your past. Engaged in work doesn’t mean working continuously without break, it means entertain yourself by doing the things you actually like. If I talk about myself, I love reading story books and writing articles. Apart from this I watch movies and listen to music in loud voice.
Next step should be to move ahead with someone else. Until and unless you start looking for some other person, it’s not possible to leave your past. It doesn’t mean holding anyone without even liking, rather it means that at least give chance to allow someone to enter your life. Start showing importance to other relations of your life including your parents, cousins and friends. Socialize yourself and start meeting new people. Social websites like Face book and Linked will prove a boon at this point.
It’s only you who can make yourself happy. As of now you have loved others, now the time has come when you should learn to love yourself. See yourself in mirror and then come out of the balcony in open sky. Feel the freedom and love you have for yourself. This is the time to live for your fantasies, your hobbies and your liking. Go ahead and grab all the opportunities you missed in your past. Break up is a positive word as well which means freedom.
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