Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Search for the perfect one
True love is the search of every girl on this earth and she doesn’t want to compromise in exploring her perfect partner. She is always in hunt for a man who loves her, admire her and can fulfill all her expectations. To accomplish her task she starts working on herself since her childhood as she is aware that her perfection will make her meet Mr. Right. Proper Grooming and true approach are few of the facts she starts considering and maintaining since the beginning. Hence, it becomes essential to know her view point in regards to the definition of a perfect man. The man who earns good, looks good and behaves well are few of the qualities but not sufficient to convince her. Many of the girls require lot more than that.
First impression can be created by these qualities but a long term relation is not possible without trust and soul love. A girl visualizes the image of her husband in her mind and searches him in every boy she comes across. Many of the boys could not reach the next step of relationship and fails even in the first attempt.


Love is the foremost quality required not only to initiate a relation but also to maintain it for a long term. Girl needs surety that the man will hold her hand and love her until the last breath. Be there for her at all times and make her believe that you are the man she can trust upon in her hard times. Love means that you accept your spouse with all her positives and negatives. Do not let her imperfections make any changes in your behavior. Stay loyal and honest towards your relationship and many a times it becomes necessary to express your feelings by gifting or surprising her. Such small incidents are quite important to keep freshness in the relationship and help in building your trust towards your partner.

Believe in yourself

Before making your love believe you, first accept your feelings towards your partner. Analyze your love and sentiments towards your spouse and get firm that you need her for the lifetime. Your own belief will strengthen your efforts in making your love realize your feelings. Believing in you also means trusting yourself in terms of your Individuality, achievements and personality. First learn to love yourself then only you would be able to make others love you. Grooming is the way by which you can enhance your personality in turn developing your confidence. It doesn’t mean excess make up but it means to learn to carry yourself as per your looks and body structure. Stand in front of the mirror and analyze yourself with all the positive and negative facts. Make sure to smell good, feel good and behave well.

Maintain your living standard

It’s absolutely correct that a girl gets allured by a successful man much easily than a failure. But a successful man does not mean being extraordinary rich. Well settled person with healthy Job and family is quite enough to show your living standard. It is quite necessary to live parallel with the society and maintain your decorum. She should never feel degraded in front of her friends and relatives while introducing you as her spouse. Neither you should be a bragger nor be penny counter, rather try to maintain your expenses and life style as per your income and society you are living in.

Stay attentive

Girls always like the person who is attentive to her and is concerned even about her smallest thing. Showing concern and care is a part of love and deepens the feeling if done with true heart. Prove your girl that you are aware of every smallest thing related to her and all her worries are a part your life too. Her daily routines, her health, her likes and dislikes are few of things you should be aware of your love. Normal routine questions about her lunch and dinner, studies, job will reflect your image of a caring and concerned partner. Love means to get mingled into each other in all phases of life no matter good or bad.
All above mentioned qualities can’t work until and unless you have the right attitude and behavior to be carried along. As rightly said sweet voice can win the world then why not a girl. Right behavior and attitude at right place is the key to achieve success. This works in relations as well. Relation does not mean your attitude with your spouse only but her friends and relatives as well. She is the one who leaves her own family, friends and relatives just to be a part of your life. Hence it becomes your responsibility to take complete responsibility of her life and never let her feel lonely.
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