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Common Health Issues

Being a part of the busiest century people, most of us will agree with the lack of enough time to focus on our health issues. Yes, the life is busy and we are in rat race of earning more and more. Race starts since the student lives, then we have to do something for the parents, then ourselves and then the kids. Life goes on fulfilling some or the other responsibilities without even caring about the limit strength of our body. And when one realize, it’s too late to recover the loss.
If we closely examine most of the health issues, conclusion would be that most of the problems arise either due to carelessness and laziness. People working too hard for the life take health issues for granted and people who have enough time are mostly too lazy for the efforts. Both are hazardous in long run of life. Immediate effects may not be visible but somewhere inside small home has been built by number of diseases which later came out with a big blast in the form of cancer, diabetes, paralysis and many more. Then we criticize the justice of God. Why this to me? But No God is present here to explain that the man himself is responsible for his downfall. Another fact to closely examine is the ratio of people dying because of health issues and through accidents. I am sure ratio of health issues will be much higher than accidents.
Up to an age most of the people feel healthy and sporty because of high metabolism but it starts degrading after a life of 30 or 35. Various factors are responsible and one needs to understand his own body in his own way. This is to note that you are best doctor available in the world for yourself. You know your body, your routine, what suits you and what not. Lets now try to understand the major factors in disturbing the health.
1.       Healthy Diet – Following same food products and routine on regular basis may create deficiency of some important nutrients. One should understand the balanced diet and its importance. All nutrients play important role in our body and it becomes essential to maintain their balance.
Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar – Follow the rule and feel the change. Three important meals of the day should include all the nutrients required by the body. Six basic nutrients include Carbohydrates, protein, Fat, Vitamins, Minerals, and Water. These are subcategorized also into number of nutrients. Healthy diet along with inclusion of these nutrients also include ban of on certain bad habits like drinking, smoking, drugs etc. Another very important fact is the timing. Proper timing of each meal is must and should be followed with complete loyalty as it plays a major role in proper digestion.
Few common Tips:
a.       A glass of Luke warm water is must early morning and breakfast should be done half an hour after intake of water. Breakfast can be as heavy as you want and it should never be skipped under any condition.
b.      One should add some snacks, fruits or salad between two meals. This will help in controlling the hunger and you can easily avoid over eating which is the main reason of obesity.
c.       Try to have your dinner at least two hours before the sleep and it should be lighter for easy digestion. It will allow time for digestion and will avoid bloating and gastric issues.
d.      Never consume two opposite nature products together like curd and milk, Honey and butter etc. Instead of any benefit, they leave negative effects.

2.       Stomach Care – It may feel awkward but yes the truth is that stomach is the initial point of majority of diseases. If you take care of your stomach like a baby, you are actually keeping your health. Acidity and constipation are not only limited to trouble the stomach but in long run are the reasons of various other diseases like joint pain, muscle pain, headache, Piles, Heart strokes etc.
a.       Most important part to protect your stomach is to avoid filling it every time. Take meals at specific time and all day munching is a big hurdle in stomach care.
b.      Drinking water keeps stomach calm and avoids acidity.
c.       There are many herbs available in market as well as naturally that are boon to your stomach. Few of them are Amla juice, Aloevera Juice, Heeng (Asafoetida), Ajwain (Carom seeds), Harad etc. Consuming any these herbs on regular basis keeps away all stomach related issues.

3.       Proper Use of Water – Instead of Writing Just Water I mentioned Proper Use of water. 90% of the people know that drinking water is quite essential but how many of us know in what quantity and proper way of drinking water. Water on one side is useful for our body whereas on other side if taken in wrong manner can create serious health issues. For example drinking water while eating food is very hazardous as it creates acidity as well as constipation.
a.       Avoid drinking water while eating your food till 1 hour. Correct time is at least half an hour before the meal. Our stomach secretes some acids to digest the food consumed and drinking water neutralizes those acids. Ultimately stops the proper digestion of the food through natural acids.
b.      First glass of water should be early morning empty stomach at least half an hour before the breakfast time. In total a person should drink 6-7 liters of water through the entire day.
c.       If we talk in terms of Ayurveda then it says that water should be taken sitting on the floor on your knees and sip by sip drinking is the best way.
d.      Water should be consumed at its room temperature or slightly luke warm. Chilled water is not good for health.
4.       Proper Work Out – Balanced Take in and take out of calories is as much important as balanced diet. Continuously munching without any workout, will make your body accumulated with lots of fat that could not find way to leave your body. Work out varies from person to person according to the need for which you need to understand your structure. For example muscular exercise can make the body of a female stiffed and hard.
a.       Workout should be planned according to the need of the body. Simply to lose weight Aerobic are the best in addition to Yoga.
b.      Along with exercise time, one should also apply it in regular routine like taking stairs instead of lift, walking to the nearby market etc.
c.       Work out should be done before any particular meal but not empty stomach. Like you can do early morning exercise before breakfast but should take atleast a glass of juice 20-30 minutes before work out time.
d.      Slow walk is mandatory after any meal. One should sit or lay down immediately after any meal.
5.       Healthy Mind – A healthy mind is directional proportional to the health of a person. One should not expect 100% health without the healthy mind. Proper sleep, Meditation, stress free life all are important but cannot be attained in single day and regular practice is mandatory.
a.       Foremost thing required for a healthy mind is to stay happy. Yes we are surrounded with lots of struggles and problems but the real man is who overcomes them keeping a big smile on face.
b.      Give proper rest to your body through complete sleep and meditation. Work will stay the entire life but not the health.
c.       Anger, frustration and tension are the key sources of various diseases like blood pressure and heart problems. Stay Calm Stay Healthy. I know this is easier to write but difficult to follow but practice makes a man perfect. At least give a try.
6.       Say No Adulteration and GMO – As we all are aware that market around us is not customer friendly. Merchants are more interested in making money than serving the humanity. Adulteration and Genetically modified food products are parts of our kitchen leaving a serious bad effect on our health. A sensible and aware person knows the value of Organic food products.
a.       For sure it’s not possible to avoid every food product available in market but we can be careful in opting wisely. For example instead of using the grinded spices, one can purchase them in whole and then can grind in mixer grinder at home. In the same way you can opt for certified Organic food products instead of local products.
b.      Most of the people have some space available in home that they can use for gardening of vegetable and fruits. Best way to eat fresh and Organic.
c.       Try to eat fresh fruits and vegetable as much as possible and also avoid genetically modified products. Research on such products and extract knowledge so that to take some benefit out of it.

Health is a long discussion topic and the mentioned points are just the basics. Most of the time we know the disease and its cure but take it for granted out of laziness. Life is not worth living if you do not have a healthy body and mind for which one needs to spend some valuable time. After all precious things cost something. And nothing could be more precious than your own health and your loved ones. 
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