Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Language learner or Well educated Person - WHO IS BETTER

One wants to be well educated or simply needs to learn Good English to stand out in crowd? This is a big question arose last evening somewhere inside my soul. Being a part of corporate world, i come across endless number of clients on regular basis. Some of them quite patient and humble while addressing their grievances and many simply behaves like they own not only the company but also the world. yesterday was little on negative side and made me to write this blog. Client i met was totally an Indian person settled abroad somewhere in America. He was absolutely right on his part in regards to the grievances he addressed and even i agreed to his request. My concern is not the issue he raised but the tone of speaking he used. American accent and foreign return tag defines him as no more Indian. Not sure about his education but code of conduct clearly reflects his intellectual level.

So what if he is foreign return, knows good English. Does this give you the licence for an inappropriate behavior with your own countrymen. English language for sure has become the status symbol in our country and even the rikshaw puller or vegetable seller wants his child to be educated in an English medium school. Wait a minute, still its India with national language Hindi. Out of 10 people, still you will find only 2 english speaking person. But these 2 english learners doesn't own the right to stand on the heads of rest 8. Rather its their duty to be more polite, humble and educate rest of the people in best possible way they can.

As per my understanding their is huge difference in a language learner and a well educated person. Later stands out in all places by the way of his vast knowledge and behavior. Whereas a language learner is restricted to only the language he learnt no matter what it teaches him. Another fact quite important i believe is that none of the language in entire world says that one should arrogant, stubborn or unfriendly towards the other language person. This is something inbuilt and also learnt from the near and dear ones including family and friends that forms our code of conduct. English i personally believe is a very polite and humble languages that teaches love and affection to the entire human kind. That is also the reason that today it has achieved the status of International language.

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